It’s Crimbo Limbo time!

It’s Crimbo Limbo time! We love this time of year when there are 101 excuses to laze around, reflecting on the year and making plans for the new one. Oh, and eating those leftovers of course - with zero guilt!

This week at Viva La Foto…

Talking about reflecting on the year this week we’re showcasing some of our more memorable shots from the year, starting with a picture from our popular ‘Smash The Cake!’ session.


Smash The Cake sessions are perfect for early year birthdays and offer a wonderful excuse for the little ones to get messy by smashing up the cake (and eating it which most of them enjoy doing!) Plus parents love it too as it means they don’t have the task of clearing up – a win-in!

Speaking of cuteness, how’s this for double the fun? Twins! It’s always tricky shooting twins because often they are doing different things whilst trying to capture them on film. But not these little princesses who slept soundly while their crowns were gently placed on their tiny heads.

We get requests for a lot of sibling shoots with mum and dad usually jumping in for the last few frames of the session, but this is a lovely shot of big brother holding his baby brother. He was really proud to show him off and was really gentle with him too – it was lovely to see.

And another shoot that we are particularly proud to showcase is this mother and baby one. Again, the little one was as good as gold at the session which meant that we were able to capture some peaceful shots of mum holding her newborn – it was if time stood still!

As you can imagine, I’ve got a million photos of my own children growing up and it’s great to be able to capture family memories for ourselves as well as our clients. Here’s a picture of my cousin Erika with her partner Chris and their baby girl Orla.

When we shot this, we had just come out of the first lockdown and we hadn’t seen baby Orla, so it was such a joy to be able to see her for the first time – and capture this precious memory – masks and all!

So now that we’ve seen in the New Year, what are your plans for 2021? At Viva La Foto we’re focused on building on our reputation as well-established family photographers in Bromley. All in all, despite Covid-19 coming along to scupper up most people’s plans, it has been an interesting year – and one that many of us will never forget.

Let’s hope we’re all able to create happier memories in 2021. Until next week, stay safe and carry on smiling!

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