Quality US Visa Photo Services in London

Visa photos have requirements, and one of the most common preventable reasons for rejected applications is the failure to comply with said requirements. Applicants must provide two identical photographs to apply for a passport, as well as a digital copy for online applications.

If you’re looking for US Visa photo services in London, Viva La Foto can provide both printed and digital copies. We provide Visa photos for both adults and children, and our staff is trained to know the ins-and-outs of Visa requirements. With us, you won’t have to worry about rejected Visa applications.


Passport Photo Requirements

The requirements for Visa photos may vary according to whether you’re applying on paper or digitally. For print applications, the requirements are:

• They must measure 45 x 35mm
• They should have no tears or creases
• They must not be a ‘cut-down’ version of a bigger picture

Digital photos, on the other hand, require the following:

• They should be at least 50KB but not more than 10MB
• They need to be at least 750 pixels tall and 600 pixels wide
• They must not be digitally enhanced or altered, such as by Photoshop

And lastly, both printed and digital photos need to:

• Be clear and in focus
• Be free from ‘red eye’
• Have your eyes visible
• Be taken against a plain, light-coloured background
• Be in colour
• Show your neutral expression and your mouth closed
• Not have anything covering your face, such as a face mask or sunglasses
• Not have any head covering (unless it’s for medical or religious reasons)
• Not have any shadows

With Viva La Foto, you can avoid having your Visa application rejected. Our staff will provide everything you need to ensure that you fulfill all government requirements.

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