Corporate Event Services

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Corporate Event Services


Viva La Foto offers a range of fantastic services for your next corporate event, from event photography to photo booth and magic mirror hire.

A photo booth is a great addition to any corporate event or function. People in attendance can snap their own photos and take them home, serving as a lasting reminder of your event.

But how can you make something that is great, even better?

The Viva La Foto Magic Mirror can transform any corporate event or function into a fun activity, where your staff or clients can let their hair down and really show their fun side. Whether it is impressing clients by showing them a warmer side of your business or letting your staff’s creative talents run riot, The Viva Foto Magic Mirror adds a presence to any event. These moments are preserved in a range of formats and can serve as a great boost to both team spirit and marketing.

But how can you make something that is great, even better?

Here’s why you need the Viva La Foto Magic Mirror for your next company event:

  • Gain brand exposure on social media — With the Magic Mirror’s easy share feature, you can get more brand exposure as attendees post their photos on social media.
  • Get long-term exposure — People love keeping photos. This means that you will enjoy long-term exposure for your brand for months or even years after the event ends.
  • Add an interactive element — The Magic Mirror is a great way to engage your audience and encourage interaction during your corporate event. Keep your guests mingling and open up new opportunities for networking.

 The Viva La Foto Magic Mirror

The Viva La Foto Magic Mirror adds a whole new layer of fun to your photo booth experience. Ideal for any occasion, from office parties, to a new product launch, the Magic Mirror is an interactive, full-length mirror that snaps sharp, creative photos that your guests can print and share.

The Magic Mirror exhibits the latest in photo generating technology, offering unparalleled functionality for a truly customised experience. It features a user-friendly touch screen that reacts and communicates with guests through colourful animations and voice guidance.

Fully Customisable for Your Event

The Magic Mirror is the perfect companion for your corporate event. It features a fully customisable Workflow and Layout Builder so that you can easily tailor your prints to match the theme of your event.

Feel free to add your company logo, provide details of the event itself and determine how many photos will be printed on each sheet.

You are also free to choose from an assortment of different features that will allow photo booth users to interact with the Magic Mirror. Some of the features available include

  • Gesture guidance and detection
  • Voice guidance
  • Animated display
  • Touch screen neon photo signing
  • Interactive Screaming Contest
  • Colourful photo countdown
  • Pre-made interactive Workflows with animations

Full Support

The Magic Mirror also offers full support for a streamlined and user-friendly photo taking experience.

It has full print and webcam support, and also allows users to save and look at previews of their photos. Users can choose to save their photos in different formats, including custom PNG, SWF, JPG and even animated GIF files.

With the Viva La Foto Magic Mirror, you can create lasting memories of your corporate event that will keep your attendees talking about it for days after.

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