Baby Passport Photography Services in London

When it comes to passport photos for babies, the rules are generally relaxed since it’s nearly impossible to get a baby below the age of one to look straight at a camera, have a neutral expression and stay still long enough for the photographer to take the picture. Despite this relaxation, it’s still important for the picture to meet the standard image regulations.

When you need help taking a passport picture of your baby, Viva La Foto is more than happy to do it for you. We perform baby passport photo services in London.

We capture baby passport photos in a safe environment, print them and cut your set of pictures to size instantly. Our team of photographers have undergone training in product passport pictures for infants.


Baby Passport Picture Requirements

The relaxed guidelines for baby passport photos are that:

• The colour of the infant’s eyes should be clear in the picture
• The head of the baby doesn’t have to be straight
• The picture should be a good resemblance of the infant

Photo quality, however, still matters. The picture that you’ll use for the passport should:

• Not have ‘red eye’
• Be in clear contrast with the background
• Be taken against a plain, light-coloured background
• Contain no other people or objects (babies must not be using dummies or holding toys)


Let Us Take Your Infant’s Passport Photo

We recommend that you don’t take a chance with your baby’s passport application. Submitting photos with incorrect specifications will result in the refusal of your application, leading to stressful delays and additional expenses. You can count on us to get your baby passport photos right the first time, which will allow you to submit an application with the correct photo specifications.

You can find our photo studio at The Glades Shopping Centre, which is just a short journey from Central London. If you have further inquiries, feel free to give us a call on 0208 466 6055.